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Daydreams and telephone calls,
UNO cards and shooting stars.
Broken dreams and empty promises.
(Tell me darling, is this really what it's all about?)
:iconmiss-brightsidex:MiSS-BRiGHTSiDEx 2 2
it sounds so cliched
but we're a
match made in heaven!
your messy hair
and your favorite things.
I like your voice,
the way you sing.
:iconmiss-brightsidex:MiSS-BRiGHTSiDEx 4 8
SEUSS by MiSS-BRiGHTSiDEx SEUSS :iconmiss-brightsidex:MiSS-BRiGHTSiDEx 0 3 nineteen by MiSS-BRiGHTSiDEx nineteen :iconmiss-brightsidex:MiSS-BRiGHTSiDEx 5 2 ALL THE DREAMERS ON THE RUN by MiSS-BRiGHTSiDEx ALL THE DREAMERS ON THE RUN :iconmiss-brightsidex:MiSS-BRiGHTSiDEx 6 2 Seaside Eyes by MiSS-BRiGHTSiDEx Seaside Eyes :iconmiss-brightsidex:MiSS-BRiGHTSiDEx 5 4 Star by MiSS-BRiGHTSiDEx Star :iconmiss-brightsidex:MiSS-BRiGHTSiDEx 3 4 Roses In The Hospital by MiSS-BRiGHTSiDEx Roses In The Hospital :iconmiss-brightsidex:MiSS-BRiGHTSiDEx 3 9
   d o n t
want  your
o p i n i o n,
                       I know you think you're
           but you've been told that
                  your e n t i re  t i  m   e
                here on           ea r    t h.
when you're told this
    in a    &
:iconmiss-brightsidex:MiSS-BRiGHTSiDEx 1 0
SCATTERED DREAMS by MiSS-BRiGHTSiDEx SCATTERED DREAMS :iconmiss-brightsidex:MiSS-BRiGHTSiDEx 6 4 UP. by MiSS-BRiGHTSiDEx UP. :iconmiss-brightsidex:MiSS-BRiGHTSiDEx 3 8 highway's sunset by MiSS-BRiGHTSiDEx highway's sunset :iconmiss-brightsidex:MiSS-BRiGHTSiDEx 1 3 Lillies by MiSS-BRiGHTSiDEx Lillies :iconmiss-brightsidex:MiSS-BRiGHTSiDEx 6 8 JULIAN by MiSS-BRiGHTSiDEx JULIAN :iconmiss-brightsidex:MiSS-BRiGHTSiDEx 3 3
She takes a deep breath, her lungs expand, the bones shift under her skin and she smiles. Her head rests against his shoulder and she shifts her weight. Small white flowers spot the ground, a reflection of the stars in the sky. Lightning bugs swirl against the flowers, the stars. The time is lost and the moon is a thin slice of light in the dark sky, slowly shifting through the sky.
He hears his heart beat but can only feel the blood rushing through her veins. He bites his lip, knowing she'll become angry if anything is mentioned. All he can do is watch, as the weight of her world pushes her down. She lists what makes her feel beautiful, good about herself and soon she's drifting to sleep. He rested his eyes as she listened to her. Her beautiful voice. He finds himself giggling at her. She's ridiculous, so flawed, so perfect though.
He'll do anything for her. She whispers of her time left and tears stream down her silver face, dim- hardly visible with the thin moonlight in the sky. Her
:iconmiss-brightsidex:MiSS-BRiGHTSiDEx 2 5
BB ROO by MiSS-BRiGHTSiDEx BB ROO :iconmiss-brightsidex:MiSS-BRiGHTSiDEx 5 5

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Art tade with miss-brightside by Oceanstorm101 Art tade with miss-brightside :iconoceanstorm101:Oceanstorm101 4 10 :::SUNFEATHER::: by animalsAREcrackers :::SUNFEATHER::: :iconanimalsarecrackers:animalsAREcrackers 3 17
I’d never known anybody to die before.  In a strange way, the day was like an adventure.
We stood in the tiny churchyard, all cramped together.  My mother held my hand tight, her fingers long, cold and bony, crushing my own.  I winced in pain, but she didn’t notice, her grey eyes stared aimlessly into the distance.
I looked around the graveyard, clusters of black gathered near the hearse.  There was so much black it was depressing, just the way funerals are meant to be.
The hearse doors opened and the coffin was lifted out.  My dad and my uncles, the strongest men, balanced the coffin on their shoulders.  They walked towards the church doors slowly, a look of sheer determination on their faces.  The coffin was heavy, I could see it in their faces but they were trying desperately to hide it, out of respect I guessed.
We walked painfully slow behind them and I wondered why they couldn’t just hurry up and
:iconxvirtualinsanityx:xVirtualInsanityx 3 0
Brandon Flowers by revolttostyle Brandon Flowers :iconrevolttostyle:revolttostyle 114 25 Peace, love, and BFlo by one-thousand-thrills Peace, love, and BFlo :iconone-thousand-thrills:one-thousand-thrills 2 1 Brandon Flowers by cyrolophosaurus Brandon Flowers :iconcyrolophosaurus:cyrolophosaurus 3 4 100 strangers 33 by obviologist 100 strangers 33 :iconobviologist:obviologist 9 0
From Kit To Warrior Part 5
Tigerpaw opened his eyes in the dim light of the Medicine Cat’s Den.  Featherwhisker was in the back of the den organizing herbs. Right next to him Spottedpaw lay. She was looking at him with a worried look on her face. Tigerpaw hurt all over and could barely move.
Spottedpaw stood and padded over to where he lay in the nest. “What were you thinking? Are you crazy? Why did you just run off like that when you were hurt?” Spottedpaw asked in a rush, clearly worried.
“What do you mean hurt? I’m fine!” He said he tried to stand. He was unbalanced and his legs collapsed beneath him.
“No you are not.” She shook her head. “You’re hurt really bad and you almost died! You need to be careful. I don’t want to lose you.”
“I’m surprised you even care.” He hissed.
“I do care. You’re my brother and I love you.” She still looked very worried.
She didn’t care before why should she care now? He thoug
:iconsmilegirl01:smilegirl01 5 3
good morning by roodsj2000 good morning :iconroodsj2000:roodsj2000 4 8
There's a little place, tucked away
A land of no belief
A place where the children lay
Somewhere to end another's grief
Where is that little pathway, I say
So I can fly away, barring all disbelief.
:iconlaxandmusic4ever:laxandmusic4ever 4 2
Sandstorm by stripedkitty Sandstorm :iconstripedkitty:stripedkitty 325 79 Graystripe by stripedkitty Graystripe :iconstripedkitty:stripedkitty 315 133 Brandon Flowers by simple-sarah Brandon Flowers :iconsimple-sarah:simple-sarah 198 67 Warrior Cat Veiw by Step-kitten Warrior Cat Veiw :iconstep-kitten:Step-kitten 102 9 If... by FizzyMartini If... :iconfizzymartini:FizzyMartini 95 73

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kitkat14000 Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2012
Er..Hi. I just wanted to say that I have a charcter that is almost identicle to the one on your old acount and i just want to say i didn't steal it. I understand how you made yours before, and i'm asking if you'd let me continue to use my Sunfeather as the character that represents me... I know i sort of have no right, but I created my Sunfeather from a stuffed animal that i had that looks exactly like her, and I kinda have used the name Sunfeather for 2-almost 3-years. Please reply quickly and tell me if I can...
NoranFikri Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2011  Student General Artist
heey lily~
i've missed you
how've you been? :)
Thanks for the fave on [link]
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hi my name is dafne, from mexico and i love the killers alot so to watch :) cia..
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thank you soo much for the favs!!
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